ST650-CO2 1226030
Detection of carbon dioxide
Buveco Gas detector ST650 EX CO2

The ST650 CO2 is an all-round gas detector which is suitable for a large number of applications where Carbon Dioxide forms a risk. The heart of the detector is a replaceable gas sensor. The measuring principle consists of an Infrared sensor (NDIR) with a high durability. The sensor offers a long term stability and has a long life-span, which achieves an optimal cost of ownership.

The ST650 CO2 is available with or without a graphic display. The version with a graphic display, shows the measured value and various status notifications locally. The capacitive key control gives you an experience similar to a touchscreen and enables easy navigation through the user/calibration menu. The user menu is secured with a password; unauthorized users cannot access the gas detector. The control of the user/calibration menu does not require additional tools (for example magnets). Simple, easy and user friendly!


  • Food industry
  • Water Industry
  • Medical Industry
  • Fermentation processes
  • Marine
  • Chemical industry
  • Laboratories

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