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Welcome to Buveco,

What makes Buveco stand out:
  • We have been active in gas detection for more than 30 years.
  • We are the manufacturer, 100% gas detection is our profession.
  • We offer High Level Support and stock the most critical components, making us flexible and service friendly.
  • We provide excellent, service and guarantees, before, during and after the delivery!
  • Buveco gas detection is highly suited for industrial environments.
  • Buveco employees are skilled and enthusiastic.
  • Buveco aims to work with its customers in an effective and service-oriented manner.
Buveco Gasdetection BV in Bleiswijk is a healthy and developing company, it has been active in the area of gas detection equipment since 1978. To protect man and the environment, Buveco develops, assembles, sells, rents and maintains mobile and permanently installed gas detection systems in accordance with the ISO 9001-2008 quality system.

The Buveco products are used in among others waste water treatment plants, refineries, chemical plants, the food and beverage industry, laboratories, soil remediation and hospitals.

Better Safe than Sorry !